Glowshift Elite 10 Colour Gauges

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Glowshift Elite 10 Colour Gauges

Post  Si @ Alley Motorsport on Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:14 am

GlowShift’s Elite 10-Color gauge series is one of the most innovative gauge series on the market today.
Each gauge is packed with a collection of features including self calibration, multiple color modes, and a tinted gauge face. Every Elite 10-Color gauge is driven by a microprocessor controlled Swiss stepper motor which will ensure accurate readings from your engine.
When powering your gauge on and off, you will be alerted with a startup or shutdown sequence to guarantee your gauge is functioning properly.
The Elite 10-Color gauge series also features a peak recall function which will display your last peak value if you wish to monitor your levels. Each gauge features ten backlit LED colors for you to choose from or you may have it cycle each color.
GlowShift’s color recall function will remember the previous color selected after the gauge has been powered back on. All new modular power connectors allow you to power each gauge using a single power wire for a quick and easy installation. If you wish to be alerted when you reach a critical level, the Elite series allows you to program your own high and low warning points and it will alert you visually and/or audibly.
Each gauge is 52mm or 2 1/16 inches in diameter and includes proper mounting and installation hardware.

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